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I have hosted or had dedicated servers with more companies then I can remember, from the little guys to the very large, well known web hosts. I can honestly say Got Web Host is second to none of them. I have never had one problem, there has been zero downtime and every time I have a question it is answered quickly in most cases over ICQ right away.

The best part is they provide Multiple Class C IP’s which creates SEO heaven!

Jon Clark, Affordable Website Design

I recently subscribed to your services that you offer at in early September of 2007. Over the past few months I have seen nothing but positive results with your hosting. Before switching, I used to be on shared hosting just like everyone else on the web. At first, I was skeptical about paying the extra money for an SEO hosting package. I had heard various responses of pros and cons of going with a dedicated SEO host that made me wonder if it was worth it. This has been one of the best decisions that I have made to further myself in the Industry I work in. I would recommend this amazing service to anyone that is serious about SEO and getting their website noticed. The support is great, Lloyd and Tanya have been there anytime I have had a question or needed help. My hat’s off to and their support. Keep up the great work!

Jason Grimes

For many webmasters hosting is an afterthought, a commodity service that has little effect on their business beyond the basic question “Is my site up?” For me, that couldn’t be less the case. My traffic acquisition is 100% focused on the Search Engines, and I can say without any exaggeration that I could not have grown my traffic during the past year to the current levels without Got Web Host’s help. While uptime is of course a critical hosting performance metric, Got Web Host goes farther to offer the SE-focused webmaster the tools and capabilities needed for SEO success today. And to put a cherry on the cake, Lloyd Brown and Tanya Martin are exceptional professionals. They have always made me feel that my business is as important to them as it is to me. I recommend Got Web Host without reservation.

In every area of business, there are always some people who are simply AHEAD of the game. I don’t just mean that they are taking care of their customers. That much, I consider a minimum requirement. What I mean is, there are companies who know what’s happening, what’s coming next and what to DO about it… both for themselves AND for their customers. is such a company. I simply could NOT have done it without them.

~ Jack “2HousePlague” Mardack,

Get the best Web Hosting today.

I have been in the SEO Business several years and have dealt with at least a dozen hosting companies for my dedicated server needs and business. Sad to say, most all of them had major weaknesses (horrible customer service, servers going down more than usual, harder than hell to get in contact with and not to mention Bad Attitude). That is the type of service and hosting companies I’ve done my business with. Then I found my Dream Host as I like to call it. Yes, that’s Got Web Host!

Never in my life did I think that I could get top corporate level customer service, immediate responses, ZERO downtime, and low prices that blow the cap off all competition & all from one hosting company! What blows my mind is that no matter what time of the day or night, I can be in immediate contact with one of their reps (I personally deal with Lloyd, who can only be described in an entirely separate multiple paragraph testimonial) and have any questions that I might have, answered within minutes!! It’s incredible.

I currently have several servers with Got Web Host and will have dozens more as my business expands. Finally Never do I have to worry about my servers and hosting problems again. I can sleep well at night, thank you Got Web Host!!! Lloyd especially!

~ Christopher

Get the best Web Hosting today.

I’ve been hosting several sites with for over a year now. When I first transferred my sites to, I needed help with the transfer of a particularly complicated site. did this for me, promptly and efficiently, and was always quick to answer any questions I had. Since I’ve been hosting with, I’ve had several questions and made several requests for special settings for my account. My questions were always quickly and thoroughly answered. Tanya and Lloyd impressed me with how available they were for their clients and how knowledgeable they were. The special requests I had were always promptly complied with. As well, I’ve monitored the hosting uptime and it has been fabulous. Unfortunately, I’ve had to try a lot of hosts over the years. I’m glad I’ve finally found a host I can count on.

~ Jeff Behrendt

Get the best Web Hosting today.

In today’s Internet market it is not unusual for individuals and corporations to own dozens or even hundreds of domains. Finding a host that can provide a hosting package to meet the needs of everyone, big or small can be difficult. Got Web Host has stepped up to meet the challenge.