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Experience the best server management with Got Web Host. Let us manage your software and applications for a small additional fee. With managed servers you will not need a server administrator.

Dedicated Servers

With our dedicated servers and excellent support we will do everything we can to help you with any software issues and you can manage your own OS updates as you need them, perfect for those with OS experience.

Virtual Web Hosting

All virtual web hosting accounts receive managed servers which include OS updates, security patches and revisions as they are needed. Backups are included with all our virtual plans.

Server Management & Backup Options     Call Toll Free: 888-467-8532

Web Hosting Management

Managed Server – Dedicated servers are not managed. As we utilize multiple providers there are different options and pricing to add managed services. However, if you are on an unmanaged server, we will try our best to help if we can. If you would like ongoing updates contact us and we will advise you as to availability and cost for the datacenter you are hosted in.

Server Management includes:

Hardware Administration

We monitor our customers’ hardware and other devices to identify and resolve issues before they affect server uptime and performance.

Software Administration

We also manage the installation of your Operating System and supporting software. This includes the provisioning and testing of security patches, service packs, upgrades and revisions. Our goal is prevent problems before you know you have them.

Application Administration

We offer assistance with the installation of supported applications and can provide remote administrative and application management. These application services include managed backup, database administration and data migration. Please contact us directly for available backup options as they vary by datacenter.

Other Server Management Options

Dedicated Server Backups

Different datacenters offer various backup options. Our Miami datacenter provides monthly backups as part of the monthly fee. Our Los Angeles datacenter offers monthly backups for $39.95 a month. The Phoenix datacenter offers RAID for a minimal charge. It is always recommended to do your own backups and to store them locally as your updates may be more recent than the last datacenter backup.

Shared Server Clients

We provide regular backups to all of our virtual servers. The DirectAdmin control panel makes backing up your sites easy. That being said, it is always recommended to do your own backups and to store them locally as your updates may be more recent than the last datacenter backup.

Full Management

If you have a dedicated server and want Got Web Host or our technicians to provide services beyond what has been discussed, such as adding domains and scripts or troubleshooting problem scripts the rate is $100 per hour.