Got Web Host since 2002

Los Angeles, CA

In this data center, we have techs available 24 hour a day. With multi tier 1 lines and 12 backbone providers you will experience excellent uptime.

Miami Beach, FL

In our Miami data center, get the great hardware, multi tier 1 lines with 6 backbone providers, 24 hour techs at the data center.

Phoenix, AZ

The best hardware on any server you choose here. Strictly standard dedicated server data center.

Multiple Datacenters Available with Got Web Host Call Toll Free: 888-467-8532


Phoenix, AZ Data Center

Located in The Phoenix NAP, this data center is our exclusive source for standard dedicated hosting. Phoenix is one of the few natural disaster-free locations in the world. With redundancy in power, cooling systems, fire suppression, security, network connectivity and 24/7/365 support you can rest assured that you will receive the service associated with the Got Web Host name.

Los Angeles, CA Data Center

The Los Angeles data center is a state of the art facility with redundancy in power, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, fire suppression, and network connectivity. The building is equipped with multiple power grids with both battery and diesel generators available if required. This data center is manned 24/7 and provides multi tier1 lines with 12 backbone providers. Managed and backup services are available at a minimal price.

Irvine, CA Data Center

The Irvine, CA data center is a premier central office location within Orange County with diverse routes between San Diego and Los Angeles on self healing SONET. The facility has multiple public power grids, global UPS systems, and standby generation capable of sustaining self generated power for up to 24 hours without refueling.  All racks are wired true fiber with 1GB capability per node on HP Switch gear to total 24Gbps throughput.  Diverse Cisco routers within the facility ensure network uptime at the location.

Miami Beach, FL Data Center

The Miami Beach data center is located at the NAP of the Americas facility. Arguably, one of the finest data centers in the world it comes with redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, and network connectivity. Due to its location, this building has been built to withstand natural disasters with detail to the structure’s survivability being foremost. This data center offers 24/7 support and provides multi tier 1 lines with six backbone providers. Hosting at this data center is a little bit more, but the hardware specs are better, including 2GB of RAM and monthly backups as part of the price.

Long Island, NY Data Center

Our newest location, this data center houses our fully redundant cloud infrastructure. The Long Island data center offers redundant power, fire suppression systems and climate control. This location is manned 24/7 and provides premium bandwidth with multiple backbone providers. Each cloud host utilizes the latest server technology with redundancy throughout the cloud network, ensuring speed and system reliability with a minimum of downtime due to the lack of any single point of failure.